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29 creative ways to raise

29 creative ways to raise

There is no doubt that Instagram is now the   flagship  of  popular social networks in the whole world and especially in our country. Despite the filtering of the telegram, it also became popular. Remember that wherever your audience is in their business, they have the best place to advertise, market, produce, and start a new business.

As you know, the property of every business on Instagram is the number of its followers. So follower on Instagram is very important. Whether you are a real follower or interested in your business. There are many ways to increase Instagram followers, thank God. Purchasing Instagram followers from Instagram bots has been used!

But in this article, I am going to talk about  ways to increase  real Instagram followers . As there are enough ways to increase Instagram followers, but most of them are not principled and in fact unauthorized methods are allowed.

If you want to boost your Instagram page overnight, you will not use this material completely. Only friends who want to attract real followers who are interested in their Instagram page should read this article. If you agree, you are not with me.

Do we have to buy Instagram followers?

Many friends think that in order to start a business on Instagram, they have to buy followers. Many friends think that in the beginning, if their page followers are low, they can not succeed in attracting more followers. It may seem normal, but stop with the solutions I offer you in this article if you create other followers for the business and attract them without existing followers. .

If you are going to start Instagram followers to start your business, it is better to use Iranian followers and steam in small numbers. Then, with the methods that are said, it attracts real followers to your Instagram page too much.

Now everyone knows that a page, for example 10 followers, must have at least 2 likes per post. But the pages that buy followers are much more awful than the likes of their posts. This is enough reason to reduce the power of your pursuit and make others believe that it is not your confidence!

So just as strong followers fake and, as the saying goes, buy, it hurts the brand and the business and the work on Instagram. Unfortunately, big businesses use this method to increase their Instagram followers if they can’t get their hands on you in the future and destroy you.

The best way is to basically seek to increase your Instagram page followers. There is nothing like a real follower for you. In this article, we will share with you the ideal to see that you really love business and do not find it.

Be sure to introduce a safe site to buy Instagram followers at the end of this article if you are going to visit Atmainan Falour site. So stay with me until the end of this article.

Ways to increase real Instagram followers

Ways to increase real Instagram followers

If you do not really benefit and do your job for the most important of you and become very popular on Instagram, I will tell you the real and real way to increase Instagram followers. But if you have in mind to create a page on Instagram and only apply it by increasing the followers, and after taking the order, eat the ads to use the methods that if you draw, if you do not feel pain.

1. Make your profile attractive

First of all, it’s good to know that your Instagram profile is just like a shop window. If your shop window is not attractive if the customer gives you a runaway. Instagram is a video-oriented social network, and the first and last word in these Instagram images is your wife.

You have to produce attractive and creative images and publish them in profiles. If you give your users permission at first glance, it will be your profile and you will find the form to follow faster. There are attractive pages that are followed by children just because they are attractive.

Instagram profile

What matters is that your profile is impressed with an attractive profile picture and a great widow.

Observing all these things will help to make your profile more attractive and any visitor can easily follow your page if you can.

I suggest you read the article  20 creative ideas for publishing Instagram posts  .

2. Use #hashtags

Hashtags play an important role in making your Instagram posts more visible. Using hashtags correctly can have economic growth and slow you down on Instagram.

Recently, Instagram has added the ability to follow hashtags to its app, and there are other people who have eight thousand favorites who follow them. This is why it is the eighth most popular on Instagram. And the constant use of hashtags in posting will increase your Instagram follower page.

I suggest you read the article on the  most visited Persian Instagram hashtags  .

Use the list of popular hashtags in your field and list it. To do this, use your Instagram search. Enter your main hashtag in the search by tag section on Instagram to show you what the hashtag looks like. There are eight searches and awards.

You use all of them to measure the publication of posts. Naturally, any photo posted with the hashtag on Instagram will make 3 people follow.

3. Repair your domain with similar pages

One of the most rewarding things to do in your Instagram activities is to change your domain. If you are active on Instagram, you do not need to win to find your domains. Work with it naturally. Just connect with it.

Try to follow the pages of your field and follow its activities on Instagram. Get in touch with them directly and try to keep up with them whenever possible. Commenting with the pages of that domain will increase your Instagram followers and also bring the best goals for your business and work.

Only when you follow that their subject matter is with another of you, if you have a chance, you will find this if you put it in the suggested list and cause it to increase your Instagram page followers day by day.

I suggest you also read the article on  buying an Instagram page  .

4. Launch Instagram contests

Instagram contests are one of the best ways to increase Instagram followers, which will soon be used on popular pages as well as unknown pages on Instagram.

Try to be creative in designing contests and use persuasive and valuable guides for contest winners. The more valuable the prizes, the more valuable the winners are.

Competitions with different topics according to your field of work can not be launched on Instagram. But the important thing is to invite business companies to the competition to do. For example, ask companies to invite 5 of their friends to the competition, and be sure to ask them to invite, for example, 2 people. You must click on the page that you must participate in the competition.

As you can see, Instagram contests increase your page followers quickly. So be sure to try to launch the contest on your Instagram page once in a while.

5. Use your website to increase Instagram followers

If your website has great ideas to increase your Instagram follower page. A website that has new visitors every day is the best place to advertise your Instagram page.

One of your ideas that you can use on the site, you can put your Instagram banner under all posts. By doing this, you have a chance to attract new followers. Because your personal security may be used if requested by you through Google, and in this case, by seeing your Instagram banner, which should be attractive, you may see the Instagram page at least once.

Be sure to call us on the About Us page and send us this address as this to put another way of communication. Because these two pages are the most visited pages in any site.

From time to time, try to use the site via email newsletter if you invite to follow the Instagram page. A special offer from Radnews is always needed if you are invited to give a positive answer. So be sure to consider a special offer for users.

Many of your site members may not have followed your Instagram so far. By placing your Instagram in the emails you send, you can send this system to this site to introduce it as another way of communication. You can also get acquainted with Instagram if emails are forwarded by your members, if you use this way.

6. Analyze your users’ behavior

Always experiment and analyze user usage to improve the quality of your work. What site do you have and what Instagram should always be aware of the shortcomings and needs of your users. Remember that by examining your behavior, you will find out exactly what you like and what you are looking for.

Instagram provides a tool called Insight to put you in your business profiles, if you use this tool easily, if you destroy, and what to use to attract or not! To what extent did it move in the direction of its goal?

In this case, you can use your production and improve, and this will make you continue and continue in the follower for your page. Because this may increase directly and affect your Instagram followers, but as he said before, you should follow if they like your profile at first glance. Use offline advertising

If you have a traditional business and use Instagram for commercial and user advertising, it is definitely possible for you to use online advertising to increase Instagram followers. For example, you can maneuver on advertising brochures or tracts. In this case, be sure to include your Instagram page address in your paper ads.

It is also very important to mention your Instagram address on your business card. These days, many people often use their Instagram address instead of a website on their business card.

Web Partner Special Offer:  How to use Instagram for marketing?

8. Publish challenging and virus posts

One of the most repaired posts on social networks, especially on Instagram, is posting challenging posts. Certainly in any field of work there are challenging topics. Use users to force yourself to continue with your repair and participate in other companies.

One way to fix this is to ask users a question. For example, on his Instagram with the title “How much does DJ Kala earn per day?” Publish You can publish this post as a written photo. Rest assured that people love to comment on challenging topics. Other people are involved in the business of creating businesses, and your other friends may drop out of your post.

Or you may even send it directly to your other friends. And this causes your post to go viral. Be sure to post to visit your Instagram Explorer and see high likes every time?

When your post is in your hands, it will surely spread like a virus among users and it can get high likes. This is what makes them more if you know.

9. Help with other tools and virtual communities

One way to increase your  Instagram followers  is to use other tools you have. As another social network. For example, if you are active on LinkedIn, be sure to use the influence that you have on LinkedIn to increase your Instagram followers.

Or, for example, post your expert comments on blog posts and other websites. If you influence your opinion, if you like what you like, if you like it, make sure.

Also, when posting as a guest post on other blogs and websites, be sure to include your Instagram address in your profile.

When completing your social media profile, be sure to include your Instagram address. Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter are social networks that, if used, can make you use Instagram well.

At the end of the audio files or videos that are published, be sure to mention that you follow them on Instagram. If you use occasions, if the good material is presented well, you can continue them if you like. Audio or video files are more popular.

10. Use the Instagram robot

One of the ways to increase real and targeted Instagram followers is to use  Instagram robot  . There are sites that offer Instagram bots on the web. Instagram bots are the best tool for repair using users can continue. As mentioned before, I’m active on Instagram and interacting with someone who can be well-established in your field of work if you turn it into an Instagram page.

This may be difficult for you, but it is the best Instagram robot that will reward you in this Instagram activity.

You can activate yourself in the Instagram robot and do your reward, such as closing your photos, especially following, sent directly to others on Instagram is done automatically.

You can also plan carefully so that you can do exactly what you want to do. For example, liking photos with a special hashtag, following the followers of a particular page, liking photos with a specific map, and Instagram will do whatever you want to read about this restaurant.

And that makes you attracted to the page that you are interested in the subject of what you are. Increasing real Instagram followers is easily possible with Instagram bots.

I suggest you read  everything about business income from Instagram  .

11. Advertise on related pages

One of the best ways to increase real Instagram followers is to work on pages related to your business. In this method, there should be pages related to your field of work that you can find through search and search by the relevant job title or hashtag, and after reviewing them and the appropriate status, negotiate for ads by entering.

Try to do and advertise on related pages where you now have a lot of ads. In this case, your ads will be more effective. To know how and what principles and rules can be advertised on Instagram , read the article ” How to advertise on Instagram?” Be sure to read.

12. Be sure to use the location tag

If you can suggest your post if your person is seen I must use the location tag. Because Instagram has the ability to not show related posts in that area. This strangely enough makes you grow on Instagram.

13. Have continuous domestic production

One of the most important factors in the growth of Instagram pages is the continuity in content production. After reviewing a large number of Instagram pages that cause activity in various fields, I came to the conclusion that the production of materials will increase Instagram followers in the long run. Because you prove to Instagram that you are active and your followers are always waiting, pictures are very important.

According to the new Instagram algorithm, if you do your activity on Instagram continuously, you will increase the number of your daily rits day by day and it will make your post more. This feature is typically viewed directly from your Instagram Explorer post, which is currently ongoing.

Try to publish at least one post on your Instagram daily. Have a preparation calendar and publish text posts according to the principles you have planned. Of course, this also applies to your field of activity and competitors. But in general, most of the existing pages are growing these days, at least one post is published daily.

14. Generate fun content

There are many people who are on Instagram looking to have fun. In any area where your activity can release your fun posts. Do not over-publish entertaining posts and stay away from your main topic. If it generates fun posts for you, because if you keep your audience, can you be sure that if you can do the same for your friends? This will increase your followers over time.

15. Ask a challenging question

Asking challenging questions can also help increase your followers. Your audience will respond more to the challenge posts than to your other posts. If you ask them, for example, ” Would you like to go back 10 years ago or do you have $ 100 million now?” It certainly shows that you can comment on your post.

Challenging post on Instagram

Note that this is the type of post that will increase the audience’s interpretation and force you if you can help your posts as well. Try to make at least one challenge out of every 10 posts that are published so as not to reduce the audience’s interaction with your page!

The special challenge of posts is that they are too light and other friends think they know about your post and this is what makes your post send to other people. The important thing is that it should help you grow your page.

16. Follow the Instagram algorithm

You should know enough about Instagram algorithm. You need to know exactly how the Instagram algorithm works. For example, do not use follower fake in any way. Or it is not allowed to use eight or eight names in your posts. Or, for example, if you make users come down to your page, fix it. Exactly everything I have talked about so far is directly related to the Instagram algorithm.

In general, if you like the Instagram algorithm, if you have another activity, if you can continue. You do not need to trample on Instagram. You have to behave completely naturally and just continue to work on Instagram just to prove it and satisfy your audience.

17. Publish the post at the best time

If you can see more of your posts and get more likes, find the best time to post on Instagram. Not hard work! Just look at Instagram Insight and check the activity of followers on your page. Users check rate switches using their new posts. What time of day and night do you post more repairs? This is a very serious feature that can be seen more if you change.

Clearly, if your posts become more relevant at the right time, they will be seen more, and eventually what the Qibla talks about will increase the number of followers on your page.

18. Use an attractive theme on the page

Using attractive graphics or themes on your page shows that you care and respect your audience. Be sure to use an attractive and acceptable graphic theme in posting. This will directly increase your page followers. Research has shown that you use a special or attractive item in your posts to have a 30% chance of getting more followers.

Attractive theme on Instagram

As mentioned before, when someone visits your page, they should be attracted to your page at first sight and quickly touch the follow button. Using an attractive theme is also one of the most important reasons for your audience to follow your page from the very beginning.

19. Prove you are not a robot!

According to what I said before about the Instagram algorithm, I have to make sure that you are not a robot when you see Instagram! If you prove you are not just a bot, you are not sure to add Instagram to your page, if you do more or if more is seen.

Do not mean like a robot, that is, naturally with all the meanings that you are. For example, Direct always works perfectly. Try sending Weiss directly. Be sure to reply to your direct messages that you do not follow. Live and show yourself. Do not neglect the story! Comments respond perfectly and do not make yourself comfortable with just one emoji! In general, use everything complete Instagram to show that you are not a robot.

20. Question questions 

Posting question stories on Instagram is one of the best ways to increase Instagram followers. Of course indirectly direct! When you post question stories, it causes users to repair your page. In fact, force them to answer your question, and this switch during the search will put your stories ahead of the rest of the stories, and as you can see, they become your stories.

If you ask challenging questions in your stories, it will make your stories more popular and more visible. Of course, the more your stories are seen, the more your followers continue.


21. Use hashtags and mentions in the story 

Try to use relevant hashtags and mentions in your stories. This will make your stories more visible. For example, if you make yourself one of the activists in the field in the story, if you give up, your page will come and follow you. If you follow, because his field of work is related to your work, he may be included in the list of suggestions and put it, and this issue will cause him to become a follower if you search, if you find.

22. Educational live and questions and answers

Holding live tutorials and direct Q&A will lower your Instagram page followers. People love to learn, and if you post live tutorials or Q&A, be sure to introduce yourself to others. Instagram also pays special attention to live sites where the number of people online is high.

Instagram educational live

Most of the time, it costs to sell expensive training courses and questions and answers, and if this increases the followers, it will also increase your sales.

23. Publish video posts on Aparat and YouTube 

Use your video posts to feature longer videos that you use on IGTV Publish Instagram to be more on Aparat and YouTube. This can directly help increase page followers. It is best to use any video network that you can use to upload videos.

24. Active Dad Repair your domain

One of the best ways to increase targeted followers on Instagram is to be active with your business. Try to react to its posts. Like their posts and comment on your real opinion. If possible, make live lectures with them because it will exchange your followers.

Instagram also follows a new category of topics and shows related pages to users. For this reason, in order to be seen more, it is better to be in touch by activating your field of work.

25. Write a caption professional

I think writing an attractive caption on Instagram is an art. If you notice, many of the posts you repair on Instagram have impressive captions. According to the posts that are published, use a good caption and use it. Posting captions is one of the main reasons that engages the user can not slow down and this time stops due to shortness of breath. Instagram also makes sure that the posts that are published are useful to the audience.

26. Use the 20 minute repair rule

The 20 minute switch rule will increase your follower page. According to this rule, before publishing your new post, spend 20 minutes of your time exchanging with others. Like their posts and leave comments for them. This will make it easier for them to come to your page when they publish your new post, as opposed to what you would do if you liked your post. Over time, this becomes a real interaction, and gradually your followers increase and your posts become more visible.

27. Do not send too many posts

It is true that I mentioned before that Instagram should be activated, but this means that you should post without planning. Most of your followers, seeing your posts, decide whether to stay or not! If you post too much, if you have to, if you do not follow anymore. You should try to get the number of posts per day. This is possible with an error test. Because it varies for different pages.

I think starting with sending two posts a day a few hours apart is a good strategy. When your account grows and you attract followers, you may reduce the number of your posts. I created a formula for calculating the number of daily posts that you can use. For example, 1000 follower pages should be sent 1 to 2 posts a day. Or pages that have up to 10,000 followers, it is better to send two to three posts a day. Also, for pages with more followers, the number of daily posts should be increased.

28. Tag your friends or activists in your field

One of the best ways to increase Instagram followers is to use other people in the posts that are published. When you tag your friends in posts, you are essentially adding this post to your profile and placing it in the tagged posts section. This will make your friends like that it has been published if you see it and this is what makes you on Instagram.

If you imagine that if you are active in the field, tag in your posts, what can you open? It certainly attracted more targeted followers.


29. Become a sponsor of Instagram contests

Another way to increase your followers on Instagram is to sponsor Instagram contests. Only sponsors play an important role in Instagram contests and are supposed to award prizes to the contest winners. In return, the page sponsor the contest is also a part of the page that should be followed by companies! This is why if the match sponsor ensures that there are a number of followers available that you can attract.

Videogram is one of the sites that holds contests on Instagram, and you can enter to sponsor Instagram contests with a comment to negotiate. Without sponsoring Instagram contests, if it is allowed, it does not offer this method for everyone!

Where to buy real Instagram followers?

According to the request of friends to introduce a safe site to buy Iranian Instagram followers and the reviews I did during this period, the services of buying and increasing Instagram followers will cause, but there is a shadow that intends to introduce it in this section and other cases. It has great features

The follower site is a good option to use to increase Instagram followers. The above follower site also provides services in increasing the likes of posts and viewing videos in order to increase Instagram followers.

Some services of Falorbala site:

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I suggest you use the services of the follower site right now. If you are looking for Iranian followers, be sure to use the services of the following site on Instagram. Click on ” Buy Instagram Follower ” to enter this site .

Summary and final points

I hope you have used this article enough. I hope the methods that have been introduced to you to increase Instagram followers are really useful to you. Don’t forget that if you want to use Instagram purposefully for  internet marketing  and commercial production, you have to think about collecting real followers if you are going to continue your business. I suggest you never think of buying fake and unreal followers for your Instagram account.

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